~ Notes on Care ~

Furniture that has been oiled displays the deepest and richest colouring the wood has to offer, allows for hard use, with ease of maintenance and allows a patina* to develop over the years. Oil is a finish that is built up over time. Your furniture has several coats of oil, hand rubbed in and burnished to a high sheen. This establishing finish is applied to each piece to bring forth a lustrous and beautiful glow from the woods natural colouring and characteristics. Take good care of the surfaces that are heavily used (ie. Kitchen table) by cleaning after each use with a lightly dampened cloth and a small bit of dish soap. Wipe dry with a clean cotton rag free of embroidery or silk screening (to eliminate scratching). Pieces such as credenzas, mirrors, coffee tables, hall tables, etc. that get occasional use can be cleaned from time to time in the same manner or simply with a dusting brush. 

Over time, due to seasonal humidity changes you may begin to notice your piece of furniture looking dull. Applying mineral oil** once every 6 months to a year is advised to keep your piece looking clean and lively. To refresh the original sheen and vibrancy of the surface of your piece apply a very thin even application of mineral oil. Let the oil sit on the surface for up to 1 hour and wipe completely dry in the direction of the grain with a clean cotton rag. Be diligent here as you don't want to leave any oil on the surface. Water spots and light scratches can be diminished by gently rubbing #0000 steel wool*** over the marks in the same direction as the grain. Blend the edges of the spot you are rubbing so as to not create a hard line on the surface abraded around the area being repaired then finish with mineral oil as described above. If you have dents that you find objectionable you can place drops of water into those dents and let them sit for awhile on the damaged area until you see the wood fibers swell to more or less their original state, then lightly steel wool and finish with mineral oil, as above. 

If your furniture is looking very dry and worn after several years of heavy use, as dining tables do, it may be time to restore your Oil finish. This is a task that I can be hired out to do if you wish or if you would like to give it a try on your own I suggest contacting the shop for a mix of the oil recipe that I use and a brief tutorial on the steps you should take to do so.


Place hot items directly on your furniture.
Place wet items or leave standing water or other liquids on your furniture. Wipe up as promptly as you can.

*Patina is a sheen on wooden furniture due to age and polishing, this has come from a hardening of the surface through daily use and is beautiful in its maturity.

** Mineral oil is not a finish but an application to keep your piece looking clean and to restore its sheen. Mineral Oil can be found at hardware stores, look for food safe labels. Follow any instructions on the label with regards to discarding rags used in clean up.

***Steel wool #0000 (extra fine grade) can be found at hardware stores.