Commissions are completed on a first come first serve basis.

I build hardwood furniture with design aimed at “living with”.
Living with furniture means it's used, taken care of for sure, but used! Furnishings built of solid hardwood allow for this. There will be marks to show for our life lived with lasting things, and that's good. Hardwoods finished with oil will patina with time and years of use; this beauty doesn't happen over night. I see furniture as objects of beauty to hold a quiet place in our home.

My work has come from individuals who have been drawn to my designs and inspired by the way I build furniture. We have met each other, held conversations over coffee; working together to benefit each other and keep this world full of creativity and beauty. Some pieces even hold the names of the patrons who have desired this way of living!

Thank you for taking time view my work. 


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I don't believe in fine print, transparency is important in all aspects of life. With that said my commission policy is below, I hope to work with you soon. 


Commission Policy
(circa 2017)

I build each piece individually, myself, in Edmonton, Alberta.
One-of-a-kind furniture pieces built to the highest standards of finish and time honouring craftsmanship.

One design begets another and the discovery of new ideas is an exciting thing to be a part of! If you have a piece of furniture that you would like please be in touch by filling in your information and request to the left! I expand my collection of work based off of the pieces people need. Everything I've made resides in a home, commissioned by clients and patrons - made to order.

Exploratory Conversation: Upon your initial interest in having a piece of furniture designed, we will discuss what you have in mind or what you would like me to present as options around: wood choices, functions, space requirements, dimensions, budget, details you like in existing piece of my work...etc. 

Develop a design: If you wish to move forward at this point I will begin to design (sketches/detailed drawings) around the concepts we have discuss. There will be a design fee discussed at this point to cover the creative process. This allows me to begin pulling together the initial information, specs. and sketching for the design concept of the piece(s) of furniture to quote.
*(The fee (non- refundable) compensates my work up to this point in the chance you need to walk away from the project, should you be pleased to go ahead this fee will be brought forward into the final quote of the project.)

Payment: Once the design concept is agreed upon, the cost is confirmed and you wish to have your piece made, a deposit of 1/3 (non-refundable) of the quoted price will be required to secure your position in the working queue. When it comes time to begin your piece I will inform you of an approximate completion date and will require another 1/3 (non-refundable) deposit of the total price. The remaining 1/3 payment will be settled 10 days prior to delivery or pick up of the piece(s). 

*All pieces are made to order and may require 12 weeks lead time to build depending on scheduling. All pricing is in Canadian funds. Any materials/costs needed for crating and shipping of pieces is an additional cost.