~WOODWORKER: Craftsman/Designer~

Building hand-crafted furniture in the 21st century requires an ideal vision and a resolve to make things in the finest way possible.

    I enjoy the relationship wood furniture has with my life; how it sounds when used, the way light plays with its lines and gentle curves, its ability to bring peace, comfort and belonging. I pursue the idea that the objects we use on a quotidian basis should benefit us towards our needs and hold a quiet beauty within our home.
    Building furniture that I would like to have myself is a natural way to design. Designing in this way nurtures an intimacy and a personal investment into the quality and integrity of the furniture I make, qualities that I, too, want in my home. Being in close contact with the material by handcrafting each piece creates furniture with a sensual nature that invites one to touch and feel the things they live with. I follow in a long line of designer-makers who, working in this tradition of high craftsmanship, search for evolving ways in which the integrity of methods must endure and live alongside the natural beauty of the wood. Furniture making that is respectful of the properties inherent in wood, that works with the grain to capture the beauty inside a tree and practises time honouring methods of craftsmanship has proven its worth in heirloom furniture.
   My will is to have each piece I am privileged to make flow from life to life. Heirloom furniture made of choice quality materials with a finish that matures in beauty has been the poised resolve of my working life. My work has come from individuals who have been looking for furniture that has a sense of presence in their home, to have furniture that grounds their home with life and energy. To imbue this life and energy into my work requires care and an excitement in the making; a curiosity that receives fulfillment. This way of making begets pieces of furniture with soul.

-Kenton Jeske


Craft is a tradition handed down through word and deed to keep the ever expanding creativity of the world in play. There are traditional methods of furniture making that time has shown to be honourable and true. Those methods remain the foundation of my work and that has proven to be far from static! The strength offered there, much like the strength of a trees trunk to support the imaginative outgrowth of the branches, allows my work to express new beauty with integrity.
I combine traditional methods of joinery, contemporary design and a fit and finish completed with hand tools, to produce a piece of furniture that is worthy of fine craft and time honouring craftsmanship.


Quality of materials is of the utmost importance. I have chosen to stand by the use of hardwood exclusively. I do not use veneer, particle board, or any other substrate. To know the material you see at the surface is the material through and through, to me, is part of the integrity within my furniture. I like that integrity. I like the fact that these pieces are built for use, the kind of hard use that daily life extols! I spend time studying and selecting each board, observing grain patterns for harmony and considering how to remove or enhance imperfections. 





All of my furniture has several coats of tung oil, hand rubbed in and burnished to a high sheen. I apply this sequence in 5-7 coats for each piece, creating a lustrous and beautiful glow bringing forth the woods natural colouring and characteristics. Furniture that has been oiled displays the deepest and richest colouring the wood has to offer. Oil finishes allow for hard use, with ease of maintenance, and allows a patina to develop over the years. Patina is a sheen on wooden furniture due to age and polishing. This patina has come from a hardening of the surface through daily use and is beautiful in its maturity. 

~Commemorating the Changing of Hands~

I sign my pieces more like an artist signs their painting; a ceremonial act by which I acknowledge the beauty of work and approve of the integrity and finish with which the piece will leave my hands. 

All Pieces are Signed and Dated.

            Kenton Jeske