Kenton Jeske in the shop, 2018


...Like many before me I enjoy the honesty and simplicity of that word.

I build hardwood furniture with design aimed at 'living with'. Living with furniture, by my rule, is that the furniture will take on the lines of the life you throw at it. The lines and blemishes that turn into characteristics undeniably beautiful as the furniture ages and patinas. I build exclusively with solid hardwood through and through for that reason. The durability and warmth of hardwood is unique and excellently suited for the work I do. Creating sensual lines and flowing sculptural forms is only possible with hardwood. I enjoy the relationship wood furniture has with my life. How it sounds when used, the way light plays with its lines and gentle curves, its ability to comfort and belonging. I pursue the idea that the objects we use daily should benefit us towards our needs and hold a quiet beauty within our home.


While criss-crossing the English and Scottish countryside in the fall of 2006, Kenton Jeske experienced a clarity in his spirit to return home, marry Amy and learn to build furniture. That vision has remained his defining resolve.

In the fall of 2007, Kenton attended N.A.I.T. (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) and there was shown the foundations of furniture making and woodworking. Following that year, he and Amy, moved to their own little home and obtained the necessities of a small shop. It is in this shop that Kenton has worked out his designs, studying and teaching himself the craft of furnituremaking.

His work has been recognized by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and awarded a visual arts grant for his solo exhibition in the spring of 2017, titled: Ceremony.  Kenton Jeske is a professional member of the Alberta Craft Council's gallery shop in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, where they display his work and recognize its exceptional quality and originality. He takes on commissions from individuals who are looking for furniture that has a sense of presence for their home.


Professional Craft Council member

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