~WOODWORKER: Craftsman/Designer~

Kenton Jeske is a craftsman and designer of fine furniture, individually crafting each piece in his home shop, in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

    Heirloom furniture made of choice quality materials with a finish that matures in beauty has been the poised resolve of my working life. My work has come from individuals who have been looking for furniture that has a sense of presence in their home, to have furniture that grounds their home with life and energy. To imbue this life and energy into my work requires care and an excitement in the making; a curiosity that receives fulfillment. This way of making begets pieces of furniture with soul. My will is to have each piece I am privileged to make flow from life to life.

    Thank you for viewing my work. Please contact me with your questions and inquiries in the Direct Request section above. I would be pleased to hear from you.

-Kenton Jeske, woodworker: craftsman/designer


    "I am really proud of how you have proceeded on this career path. You have not waned from your integrity and the work speaks for itself. This is, in my opinion, the greatest characteristic that separates the wheat from the chaff. Integrity in approach, integrity in the work, integrity in dealing with your clients. You have the correct attitude and definitely the right approach. Your voice is clear and evolving. It makes me so happy that a true craftsman has budded in our city."
- George Heagle, Furniture Maker (30+ yrs.), Cotswold Studios, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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