~WOODWORKER: Craftsman/Designer~

Kenton Jeske is a fine furniture-maker, individually crafting each piece of furniture in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. 

As a studio furniture maker working to high standards of material, craft and finish my work does not resemble retail furniture made to mass production averages. I build distinctive, finely finished, solid hardwood furniture with attention to detail and time honouring craftsmanship. Clients seeking heirloom furniture expect my work to be worth that merit. Each piece is numbered, signed and dated to show my approval and the integrity and finish with which the piece will leave my hands.

"I am really proud of how you have proceeded on this career path. You have not waned from your integrity and the work speaks for itself. This is, in my opinion, the greatest characteristic that separates the wheat from the chaff. Integrity in approach, integrity in the work, integrity in dealing with your clients. You have the correct attitude and definitely the right approach. Your voice is clear and evolving. It makes me so happy that a true craftsman has budded in our city."
- George Heagle, Furniture Maker (30+ yrs.), Cotswold Studios, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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