George heagle, Furniture MAker

"I am really proud of how you have proceeded on this career path. You have not waned from your integrity and the work speaks for itself. This is, in my opinion, the greatest characteristic that separates the wheat from the chaff. Integrity in approach, integrity in the work, integrity in dealing with your clients. You have the correct attitude and definitely the right approach. Your voice is clear and evolving. It makes me so happy that a true craftsman has budded in our city. Carry on young man, I know you are and will become a major contributor to fine craftsmanship of furniture making in our province."
- George Heagle, Furniture Maker (30+ yrs.), Alberta Craft Council Member
Cotswold Studios, Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Hudson Bench

“My favourite thing about furniture is the role that it plays in our daily lives, the stories that it stands witness to and the support it unconsciously provides. Three pieces of yours have become a staple of our daily lives, the Hudson bench, Stocking stool and Dovetail shelf. I wanted to share my experience/memory of the commission the Hudson bench. 

In passing one-day years ago I asked you about creating "a bench that my children will learn to tie their shoes on" and we enjoyed a good laugh about me one-day having children. A while later, my wife pregnant with my son, you commented that you should get to work on that bench. Four years after it arrived the Hudson bench is still at the front door of our little house and both my boys sit on it to put their shoes on. It brings a smile to my face every time I see them crawl up on it, reinforcing our friendship that I have cherished since kindergarten.

Your work, dedication to craft and your approach to woodworking has often left me searching for words, I am beyond thankful that I have had the pleasure of watching you grow as a craftsman (which is why it took 3 years to write this testimonial).” 
- Bryan & Sarah Farevaag (2019)

Script Dining Table

Scripts Collection Dining Table by Kenton Jeske

"Words cannot express how much we love our dining table made by Kenton. The quality workmanship that went into the table is readily apparent and it's always a pleasure to see people exclaiming over the beautiful textures of the wood when they're enjoying a meal in the restaurant. Kenton managed to take our nebulous ideas regarding the table and bring it to life in a way that exceeded any expectations we had."
-Garner Beggs & Kelsey Johnson (2016)
Café Linnea, Edmonton Canada




Writing Desk

McAra Writing Desk by Kenton jeske

"A remarkable piece of furniture. Kenton is a true artist and a citizen of his craft. While my wife and I had our own vision for the desk we wanted Kenton to put his own interpretation into it.  The end result was a desk we hope to keep in the McAra family for generations to come.  His dedication to the design, process and crafting of the desk was inspiring. He's passionate about woodworking and his emotional commitment to his work transcends into the piece itself."
-Matthew & Michelle McAra (2016)


The furniture Kenton has made us are some of the most talked about pieces in our home. People gravitate towards the wood and can't help but reach out and feel how soft the surfaces are. The pieces transform the rooms they are in, not only because they are handcrafted and unique, but because we were apart of the process in making them and they reflect who we are. Working with Kenton is a dream. He gets what his clients are imagining when they see that empty space, the furniture is of incredible quality, and he understands that handcrafted furniture is an investment and works within your means.  -Chelsie Readner & Eric Ng (2015)


Cupboard by Kenton Jeske
Cupboard by Kenton Jeske
Cupboard by Kenton Jeske

Feroe Hutch & Harvest Table

Harvest Table by Kenton Jeske

Knowing Kenton Jeske furniture is in my will, it renders next generation fawning. The jealousy of others heightens my indulgent sense of fine furniture good fortune.

Hutch by Kenton Jeske

I enjoyed the process of working with Kenton and I got a product that exceeded expectations. Kenton is a clear and accommodating communicator. He is an artist who works like a perfectionistic engineer. His creativity is combined with exacting execution. Kenton worked to understand my vision and then walked me through the technological and design considerations. He gave me a scaled picture to help me work towards a final product. He was flexible and provided opportunities for feedback throughout the process.  The process was enjoyable. I was given options on woods and finishes. I am glad I accepted his finishing recommendation and will stick to this type of finishing from now on. It is safer and I am very happy with the care of my pieces. Yes, pieces. One project led another. Beware Kenton Jeske furniture is addictive.

I loath seeing depreciated furniture on the curb. It is not just a selfish desire to have "nothing but the best",  that led me to Kenton; well made furniture is tomorrows heritage.  A "Kenton Jeske" piece will mature and appreciate like most fine art. I fully recommend that you become a collector.  For those who are assuming a Jeske piece is not within reach, you may be surprised. I went out with a girlfriend the other day and saw ready made tables that were more expensive and not nearly as nice as the table I had custom made and delivered. Snap Kenton up before he becomes to busy to meet demand. -Raquel Feroe (2015)

Stenger Dining Table and Benches/Island Stools

Modern Stool by Kenton Jeske

We sat down with Kenton early in 2013 to chat about the idea of having him design and build us a custom walnut wood dining table. We wanted a custom piece for our new home that was functional, had lots character and would last forever. We had no idea about the extent of this project, the thought that would go into it, the hours and hours of handiwork to perfect every detail or how incrediblethe final product would be.

From the very beginning, Kenton included us in the process of creating this piece. We had several calls back and forth to discuss the design, Kenton drew sketch after sketch to help show us ideas and help us narrow down several ideas into the concept that eventually became our table. Seeing the project form from Kenton’s creative design, a few cuts of rough wood, into an exceptional final product was a unique and satisfying experience (and something you could really only experience with custom work.)

Table and Benches by Kenton Jeske

Our table is the centerpiece of our house, and what an amazing centerpiece it is. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final product. The quality of the wood, the intricate details of the notches, the rounded edges and my absolute favorite – the stunning grains of the wood that give it all of its character.

Every time we sit down at our table we admire it and are thankful we had the opportunity to work with Kenton and to have our own custom designed, handcrafted table. Thank you Kenton for this unbelievable piece of art that you’ve given us to enjoy for years and years to come.      -Geoff & Kayley Stenger (2014)